Read all the Blogs!

Inoreader Bundle
Inoreader Bundle

I’m trying to test out new tools this summer, just like you’re all doing. And like you, I should be blogging about them too. (I’ll try, I’ll try!)

But before I get around to exploring more, I wanted to share an easy way for all of you to follow each others’ blogs. An Inoreader bundle – go check it out. Read some posts by your colleagues in the workshop. And leave comments. Everyone loves comments.

Inoreader is a feed reader, like Feedly. I looked at it ages ago, when Google Reader died and went away. But I got stuck in with Feedly and didn’t go back to see what was new. A recent comment by Stephen Francoeur on TheLSW forum about being able to create public pages to share with others the other day pulled me back to it. Love the Bundles feature, just what I was looking for, though I can see there are some quirks about how it organizes the posts.

Like Feedly, Inoreader lets you organize your blogs/feeds into folders. So all the RSS feeds from your blogs are tucked away in a Cool Tools folder. From there you can create a Bundle to share with others. And it also offers an RSS feed that pulls in all the blogs from a folder into one mega-RSS feed. Handy (though apparently a bit quirky). I used that to add all your blog posts to a list on the sidebar of this website.

If all this talk of RSS feeds and feed readers is new to you, check out Thing 4: RSS, you’ll be a maven in no time!


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