Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions?

  • How will it work?
    This summer version of Cool Tools will be a run a bit differently than the school year workshop. We’ll use all of the lessons from the school year workshop and post them right from the start, so you’ll have access to all the lessons all summer long.  That way you can pick and choose what you want to work on, when you have the time. Each lesson will cover a different topic and will include:

    • Introduction & overview of the topic
    • Examples of how it relates to schools & libraries
    • Some selected tools to explore
    • Learning activities to complete (there will be basic & more advanced options)
  • What do I need to get started?
    A sense of curiosity, an interest in learning, an email address and a blog. (Don’t have a blog? Read the Welcome/Thing 1 topic)
  • How do I let you know I’ve completed an exercise?
    After you’ve explored the tools for a lesson and completed the exercise, you’ll write a brief blog post about what you learned.
  • How much do I have to write in my blog posts?
    Each blog post must describe the activities you have completed for each lesson.

    • Remember to title your post for each lesson with something like this: Thing 5: Curation Tools.
    • Describe what your experience was learning about the topic
    • Ideas about how you can use this in your library or school
    • Comments, tips, ideas that you want to share.
    • While we don’t expect a dissertation on every topic, we do expect thoughtful reflection and active participation that is clear in the post.
  • How much time will it take?
    This depends on how much you want to do. We estimate that you’ll need 2 hours for each lesson. Completion time will also depend on your previous online experience and your interest in the particular tools featured. All of these modules will be self-paced and can be completed in increments so your work time can be spread throughout the weeks allotted to each lesson.
  • What if I need help? Who can I call?
    There will be lots of ways to get help!

    • Check to see if any of your friends and colleagues are participating and can help you out.
    • Post to the SLS Cool Tools group on Facebook.
    • Post comments on this site so we can all try to help each other by sharing our questions and solutions.
  • What about Professional Development credit hours?
    Stay tuned for details….
  • Have other questions?
    Post a comment below and we’ll try to answer it!

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