Keeping in Touch

Photo: CCO Public Domain from Pixabay
Photo: CCO Public Domain from Pixabay

Today was the last day to register for this workshop and we have a few more folks on board. Welcome!

This is a good time to share the many ways that you can connect with the other folks taking the workshop.


How’s it going?

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We now have 15 folks participating in the summer workshop. To fnd out more about our participants, read (and contribute!) everyone’s introductions on this #padlet. We have gardeners, a karate expert, a bagpiper, a quilter and more participating in this workshop.

Some folks have already started working and writing blogs posts!




Summer Cool Tools!

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Welcome to the 2015 Summer Cool Tools for Schools online workshop. It’s been a few years since we’ve run a summer program, so I’m really looking forward to this.

Though we are officially underway as of July 1, we’ll be keeping registration open till mid-July. I’m sure many people don’t even want to think about this until after the 4th of July weekend coming up.

For this summer program, we decided to post all the content at once so you can decide work on whatever topics you like, whenever you have the time. And we decided to offer all the lessons that we used during the 2014/15 school year Cool Tools workshop. All those lessons are listed on the right sidebar menu of this site.

To get started:

I know there will be questions, don’t hesitate to email me. Or better yet, share your questions in the comments section here. Then we can all help each other out and share the tips and answers.


Terrific! Registrations for the summer workshop are starting to come in. We have registrants from the DCMO, Ulster and ONC BOCES SLS regions so far. If you want to register, check with your SLS administrator to see if your region is participating this summer.

Summer Cool Tools 2015

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Summer! (image CC0 pixaby)

We’re hoping to kick off the Summer Cool Tools workshop early in July. We’ll post all the content right at the start to give you time to pick and choose the 5 to 10 workshop lessons you want to focus on this summer. That way you’ll be able to schedule out your time and do the work when you have time, without waiting for lessons to be posted. The lessons will be the same ones we covered in the regular school year Cool Tools workshop. Even if you’ve done many of the lessons already, most of the lessons have so much information that there’s always more to explore.

If you want to participate, contact your School Library System administrator to see if they’re planning to participate this summer.