Thing 26: Taking the Lead: Connecting with your Stakeholders


 School Libraries Transform Learning
AASL – School Libraries Transform Learning

This topic was inspired by a webinar from the Connected Librarian Day virtual conference last fall. In it Heidi Neltner (Johnson Elementary, Ft. Thomas KY) talked about the many ways she was using technology (and more!) to reach out to her community and make them aware of the ways the school library can collaborate and serve the community. Since our Cool Tools workshop has a tech tools focus, this was such a perfect fit!

Watch the webinar below!

Connected Librarians Day 2014Heidi Neltner : Your Stakeholder Connected Librarian Toolkit  “In the 21st Century, there are many options for staying connected to our school library stakeholders that include technology and good old fashioned face-to-face connections. I’ll share some low-budget – mostly free!- tech tools and strategies you can use with ease to mindfully communicate your programming and success related to stakeholder priorities.”


You already know all the terrific service your library provides to the school and how you help transform student learning. Make sure the rest of your school community does too.

Have trouble putting these things into words and working them into conversations? Read some of the following articles and explore the resources. Practice and perfect a variety of “elevator speeches” that you can use to connect on the fly.

Read & Watch:

Advocay resources and ideas:

Don’t miss out on lots of great idea, join the NYLA Section of School Librarians Facebook page to connect with other school library advocates. And consider joining NYLA/SSL!  What an amazing, energetic and powerful group of school library advocates we have in NYS!


  1. Watch the webinar: Your Stakeholder Connected Librarian Toolkit
  2. Explore some of the articles and resources listed above.

Your Blog Post

Address these points:

  1. Share what you learned from the readings and webinar. Do you now have a new elevator speech?
  2. Share what advocacy & marketing you are already doing.
  3. What can you do to amp up your outreach & advocacy?

LOG YOUR LESSON: Don’t forget to log your blog post when you’re done!  When you finish this lesson by fill out the log form. You’ll need the URL of your first blog post to complete the form.

Many thanks to Sara Kelly Johns who posted a call for advocacy ideas on Facebook for a book chapter she was writing. I shamelessly stole resources others posted there.


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