Thing 29: Student Response Tools

colorful posterThere are tons of tools available for gathering feedback from students, colleagues and other groups. Whether you need an anonymous brainstorming tool (eg: AnswerGarden) or a detailed survey form with lots of options (eg: Google Forms) there’s likely a free or relatively cheap option available. This week’s lesson includes a variety of tools that can be used for brainstorming, exit tickets, data collection, assessments, feedback and more. The Tools to Explore section includes some of the most popular tools with links to examples and ideas. The More to Explore section includes links to lists of additional tools and articles about feedback tools.




  • Explore several of the response tools listed above, in the articles cited or other tools that you’re interested in testing out.
  • Points to cover in your blog post:
    • Share why you chose the tools you did and how your testing worked out.
    • If you tried something out with a student or other group, tell us how things went’
    • How you might use these tools in your school setting.
    • Any other tips and ideas that you want to share.

LOG YOUR LESSON: Don’t forget to log your blog post when you’re done!  When you finish this lesson by fill out the log form. You’ll need the URL of your first blog post to complete the form.



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