Thing 15: Digital Tattoo & Digital Citizenship

Commonsense Media Poster
Commonsense Media Poster

What is your Digital Footprint? What trails are you leaving online? Have you Googled yourself lately? Or checked other search engines like Spokeo, Pipl, SocialMention and PeekYou? What is public about you on Facebook? Things you share online are permanent, just like a tattoo! What does your Digital Tattoo look like?

This is a huge topic, covering topics like online reputation, privacy, bullying, responsibility, safety, fair-use, sharing, courtesy, citizenship. Our students (and many of us!) are living huge portions of their lives online, and as educators we need to understand this world and help them navigate it.

“Digital citizenship is a messy subject, and schools should be a safe place to explore it.” Sarah Ludwig, Skills We Can’t Teach: Facilitating Authentic Experiences with Digital Citizenship


Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

Common Sense Media: Digital Footprint Intro


Students Rights, Online Privacy, College and Jobs? What’s your point of view?

Ideas for Classroom Activities



  • What does it mean to be a good digital citizen?
  • What skills do students need? What should be taught at different ages?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What privacy rights do students have? Should employers and colleges be looking at Facebook and Twitter?
  • What are the consequences of over-sharing?
  • How might educators partner with parents to educate the community?


Like many of our other topics, focus on something that interests you, explore it and share your thoughts and ideas in your blog posts. Some ideas include:

  • Read some of the resources above. Share your thoughts.
  • Share what you’re already doing or hope to do.
  • Did you find any interesting activities or ideas that you might implement?
  • Share additional resources that you’ve found.

LOG YOUR LESSON: Don’t forget to log your blog post when you’re done!  When you finish this lesson by fill out the log form. You’ll need the URL of your first blog post to complete the form.


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